Terms of Service and Limitations of Liability

Terms of Service

Due to the nature of electronic repairs, A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair cannot always identify hidden issues inside your electronic equipment. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible for devices that are no longer operational after we attempt repair. 


All parts and repair services are guaranteed for a period of 90 days after the date of repair. Our guarantee covers the primary issue(s) that we repaired but does not cover the entire device. Secondary issues and other known/unknown defects that we were not aware of or problems that are not detectable until after the initial repair are not covered under warranty. Accidental damage after you have received the device is also not covered. 

Liquid Damage

No Warranty. Fee covers labor and chemical services. This is non-refundable and NOT a Guaranteed repair. 

Memory Transfer

We are not responsible for data that has not been backed up. We are not responsible for data that is lost upon transfer due to liquid damage, physical damage, or pre-existing software issues. If possible, please back up the device before bringing it as there is no way for us to warranty loss of data. 

Return / Refund Policy

If something we fixed does not stay fixed it will need to be returned to us for repair within 90 days. If we are not able to repair your device we will refund your money for the repair plus parts if parts show no signs of damage. A 15% restocking fee applies to any returned/accepted parts. Please keep in mind that we cannot issue refunds for issues that are unrelated to our repair. 

Customers must inspect all goods and verify all services have been completed prior to accepting their order. A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair is not liable for any damages after the order has been signed and received. All warranty claims will be inspected by management.

If there is a claim of technician damage, customers must notify A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair by email and return the device with 14 days. We will mail the device off to a Level 3 Micro-Electronic Board Repair facility. If after their diagnosis, the issue is our cause, we will gladly cover the repair cost or we will source and purchase a phone of equal value. If the Board facility diagnosis states customer fault or faulty device, the repair plus the shipping is the responsibility of the customer. 

Returns on Accessories and Refurbished Phones within 30 days including all original packaging. A 15% restocking fee applies.

Special Orders

NO RETURNS. NO CANCELLATIONS. NO EXCEPTIONS. Special Orders must be paid in full prior to ordering the part. Special orders left unclaimed after 90 days forfeit all payments and become property of A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair. 


A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair’s technicians will work on Customer’s equipment to the best of their abilities; however, A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair does not guarantee that its technicians will be able to solve the problem or problems that the equipment is experiencing.

When the repair is completed, an invoice is created in our system and customer must pay in full for services rendered at time of pick up. Devices not paid for within 90 days of the repair completion notification or device not repairable notification may be considered abandoned and used for parts or sold to cover repair costs. If we are not able to repair your device you may come and pick up the device or you may donate it to be recycled. ____Recycle ____Pick Up

It is the customers responsibility to remove and keep the accessories of their device. When Customer picks up equipment, they will make sure all dropped off items are picked up. A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair is not responsible for the subsequent loss of any items that Customer may leave behind.

Free Diagnostics

We offer Free Diagnostics. If during our diagnostics, we deem your device is not repairable, there is no cost to come pick up your device. If we diagnose your device and inform you of the repair and you choose to decline the repair there is a $40 non-refundable charge to reassemble your device. 

Diagnostics made by others outside of A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair and their affiliated technicians are suggestions. All devices will still go through A-1’s diagnostics.

At the time customer drops off equipment, a technician will give the customer an estimated cost of repair and a time for pick up. If this estimate changes, A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair will do its best efforts to notify customer via contact info listed on this form. Customer must approve additional repairs before the technician continues with the repair. This may cause a delay in time estimated. 

A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair is not responsible for loss or damage caused by fire, theft, or any other cause beyond our control.


I understand that A-1 Smartphone & Tablet Repair and their affiliates will not browse through any personal, private or confidential information or data; however, technicians may inadvertently see data during the repair. I understand that any confidential/sensitive data should be removed from the device prior to having repair work performed on the devic