Liquid Damage Phones

Our Liquid Damage Restoration Process consists of 3 different processes and the fee is $65.

The first process is immediately putting your device in a Vacuum Chamber to evaporate any moisture that is remaining in the device. 

The second process consists of an Alcohol Bath with the Vacuum Chamber Drying. We will disassemble your device and properly clean the board and surrounding components with an Alcohol Bath and then the Vacuum Chamber drying.

The third process consists of Ultrasonic Cleaning, an Alcohol Bath with the Vacuum Chamber Drying. During this process the board is cleaned in an Ultrasonic Bath as well as the Alcohol Bath. It is then placed into the Vacuum Chamber for drying. As well, we will replace via Micro-Solder up to 3 board components that are fried, shorted, or damaged from the liquid damage. 

With Liquid Damage there is no guarantee that the device can be recovered and operational again. Depending on the liquid, the time in the liquid, as well, what transpired after the liquid damage all play a part on the damage of the device. This is an attempt to recover the device.  There is No Warranty on Liquid Damaged devices. The Fee covers labor and chemical services. There are times when parts have shorted due to the liquid damage and thus parts must be replaced as well. We attempt to keep the fees at an affordable rate.

We also offer a data recovery option for Liquid Damage. This consists of reworking the board to recover the data and thus leaves the phone inoperable for any future use. There is no fee if data is not recoverable. If data is successfully recovered the fee is $115 and the phone is recycled with us. 

Liquid Damage Electronics in Georgetown 

Liquid Damage Phones in Georgetown

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